What is this?

YAGB is an emulator for the classic Game Boy written by myself and my colleague Sven Pöche (Valgard on github). YAGB is written in TypeScript and runs in a web browser.

YAGB playing Elmar Krieger's impressive Stunt Racer FX demo.

The project started as an experiment during company slacktime and developed into a full-fledged emulator over the course of six weeks. Accuracy is good enough to run almost anything I threw at it flawlessly, and performance is sufficient to run at 15x - 20x speed on my MacBook.

In its current state the emulator comes as a “web cli” that includes an interactive debugger, but my final goal is a mobile friendly web app like Cloudpilot.

YAGB web cli
YAGB's web CLI running and debugging Kirby's Dream Land.